• Mr. Wei KangChairman

    Mr. Kang is a graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University with over 17 years of working experience in security market. Previously, Mr. Kang served as chief strategist of SWS Research, vice-president and chief investment officer at Zhonghai Trust Co., Ltd, general manager and investment committee chairman at Zhonghai Fund Management Co., Ltd. He was also personally involved in approving and preparing for two PE companies and a trust company. Under his leadership, his research team held the position among the top rank of New Fortune for three years. During his time at Zhonghai Trust Co., Ltd, the rate of return of the portfolio under his operation exceeded 100% for two years. During his tenure as investment committee chairman in Zhonghai Fund Management Co., Ltd, the overall performance of the fund was among the top in financial industry.

    During Mr. Kang’s time at Hexi Investment, Hexi No.1 financial product was one of the first hybrid fund products created through unit trust fund in China. Hexi No.2 financial product acquired a public company control power through unit trust fund. Shanghai Yongchong financial product achieved cross-border assets leverage buyout also through unit trust fund.