Our Advantages
  • Mature management team

    Feiye possess extensive industry experience in management team, with a team of experts in the field of finance and the accumulation of deep industry for many years promoting invested enterprises resources integration, strategic planning, management controlling, capital operating and other aspects of developments.
  • Exceptional partners

    Based on the long-term cooperative relationship with major domestic financial institutions, renowned enterprises in different sectors, government departments, Feiye Investment has formed unique access to projects and abundant resources in equity investments.
  • Sector-focused investment

    We pool all our efforts in in digging key segmentation markets of the industries and creating a new industry ecosystem by integrating the industry chain. We look for the exceptional companies and teams that are capable of bringing changes to the industry as we make the best use of our resources.
  • Flexible Investment

    We invest in companies in the start-up period, growth and maturity stages, and we are particularly concerned with the market leaders with sustainable competitive potential. Feiye Investment is expert in creating strong returns in different periods of market cycle.