Our Advantages
  • Powerful investment research strength

    Our team, with interdisciplinary educational backgrounds and cross-industry experiences, has profound understanding and awareness of capital markets and industrial developments, covering sectors such as TMT, automotive manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, consumption upgrade and so on.
  • Prudent investment strategy

    We have a disciplined and rigorous process for making investment and portfolio decisions. Based on the understanding of development trends and growth regularity of enterprises, we follow industries which comply with national industrial policies and national economic development strategies and capture exceptional opportunities under technology breakthroughs as well as upgrade of industries.
  • Personalized product customization

    According to clients’ needs, Hexi Investment is capable of developing tailor-made products (including equity, fixed income, derivatives, etc.). By designing allocation plan for different categories of risk assets and properly using leverage, we are able to lock benchmark yield of the products while chasing excess returns.